The passenger has the rights:

  •  The passenger has the right to receive timely and truthful information about the list of services provided, the conditions of their provision and the route.
  • The passenger has the right to safe and high-quality transportation.
  • The Passenger has the right to demand from the carrier to fulfill the terms of the Contract of Carriage.
  • The passenger has the right to carry guaranteed: one unit of luggage B60 * W40 * D40 cm weighing up to 30 kg and one unit of hand luggage up to 10 kg in the cabin of the vehicle.
  • The passenger has the right to demand compensation for the damage caused to the health of the passenger or damage to his luggage during international transportation.

The passenger is obliged:

  • The passenger is obliged to find out all the necessary and interesting information for him before purchasing a ticket, including information about: flight performance, exact route, available bus service, necessary documents for crossing the border, etc.
  • The passenger must appear for boarding no later than 30 minutes before the departure of the bus specified in the ticket.
  • At boarding, the passenger must present valid travel documents: biometric passport (passport with a valid visa to cross the border).
  • During the movement, the passenger must follow the rules of conduct in public places, not to interfere with the work of the crew, not to create inconvenience to other passengers. In case of non-compliance with these requirements, the carrier reserves the right to disembark the passenger without reimbursement of the ticket price.
  • Adhere to the established rules of crossing the border of the state on whose territory the international transportation is carried out. If the passenger does not comply with customs and border rules and is detained at the border, which will cause a flight delay, the bus crew has the right to continue the flight without a passenger, according to the bus schedule without monetary compensation for travel.
  • Be present at the inspection of luggage and other property belonging to him, as well as at the sampling, sampling of substances and materials belonging to him, for express analysis by the relevant regulatory authorities.
  • Liability for damage caused by his fault, including damage to or contamination of the bus or equipment belonging to the carrier.
  • Return to the bus at the time specified by the driver at stops along the route. In case of delay, the bus crew has the right to continue the flight without a passenger, according to the bus schedule without reimbursement of the fare.

The passenger is prohibited:

  • Distract the driver while driving.
  • Carry luggage on the seats. Hand luggage is placed on specially designated shelves.
  • Put your luggage in the aisle.
  • Stand in the aisle and move around the bus while driving.
  • Smoking and drinking alcohol as well as drugs while traveling.
  • No need to use emergency equipment.
  • Photo and video shooting while crossing the border.


The carrier is obliged:

  • Before the trip to acquaint the driver with the scheme of a route and to hand over to it the schedule.
  • Timely provide the bus in proper technical and sanitary condition.
  • Provide the passenger with a safe, comfortable ride in the bus in accordance with the Contract of Carriage and the approved schedule.
  • Provide passengers with travel to the final point of the route at no additional cost in the event of termination of the trip due to a technical malfunction of the bus. In case of forced stop and in case of inability to deliver the passenger to the place of arrival, the carrier returns the cost of paid travel and luggage transportation (less commission) based on the distance from the place of breakdown or forced stop to the final point of arrival regulated by the Joint Activity Agreement.
  • The carrier is only responsible for the availability of a piece of luggage. The company is not responsible for efficiency, as well as for minor damage to luggage (stains, cuts, scratches, creases, broken wheels, handles, etc.).
  • The carrier is not responsible for hand luggage, things left on the bus, as well as for the loss of money, documents, jewelry, etc. by the passenger.
  • The company is not responsible for deviations from the route schedule, which arose for uncontrolled reasons (prolonged border crossing, weather conditions, congestion, road repairs, government action, force majeure, etc.).

The carrier has the right:

  • Cancel the bus flight in circumstances that he could not foresee and prevent, despite all the measures taken. In this case, the carrier returns to the passenger the cost of services paid by the passenger. In addition, the costs incurred by the passenger, confirmed by the relevant documents and related to his possible return to the place of departure specified in the ticket and departure from it by the cheapest means of transport, are subject to return.
  • Restrict or suspend international traffic on the territory of your country in the event of an epidemic, natural disaster or force majeure (force majeure).
  • Refuse carriage if a passenger appears on board in dirty clothing, with signs of alcohol / drug intoxication, with aggressive / inappropriate behavior or otherwise threatens or restricts the safety, health and comfort of other passengers and / or crew, leads inadequate or does not have the documents required to cross the border.
  • If the carrier is unable to contact the passenger on the contact phone number specified in the ticket, the company disclaims responsibility in informing the passenger in advance of changes to the flight. In this case, claims are not accepted.
  • Make changes and additions to the schedule of routes and tariffs.
  • Change the seat of a passenger on the bus without his prior notice and consent.